Introducing the brand core values of Nine Tree Premier ROKAUS Hotel Seoul Yongsan.

Hotel Introduction


Nine Tree's sixth hotel offers a new level of comfortable relaxation in Yongsan, the center of Seoul.

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The home of a warrior that is always within you, adorned with over half a century of dignified heritage,
emerges anew as Nine Tree Premier ROKAUS Hotel Seoul Yongsan.
Nine Tree Premier ROKAUS Hotel Seoul Yongsan is advancing together with the hotel specialist company Parnas Hotel Co., Ltd.

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    Opening Date April 2023
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    Scale Underground 6th floor to 31st floor
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    Number of Parking Spaces 104
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    Number of Rooms 274
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    Phone Number +82 2-6923-8000
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    Address 25, Hangang-daero 23-gil, Yongsan-gu,
    Seoul, 04378, Republic of Korea


for customers who want to create precious memories with loved ones

for customers who seek meaningful and exceptional experiences for a new start

for customers who desire a harmonious balance between everyday life and complete relaxation

Nine Tree Brand Introduction


Nine Tree offers a comfortable retreat, relaxation, and special experiences hidden within
and outside the hotel, even in the midst of a bustling city.

Delightful Price. Delightful Stay. Delightful Experience
Reasonable hotel services including accommodation and facilities.
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Brand Core Values

Based on the five core values of the Nine Tree brand,
Nine Tree Premier ROKAUS Hotel Seoul Yongsan will provide a valuable experience with its own uniqueness.

01 Reasonable

Providing essential hotel services
at a reasonable price.

02 Accessible

A hotel with excellent accessibility
in the heart of the city.

03 Caring

Hospitality that considers both kind and
caring service within the hotel
and experiences beyond the hotel.

04 Comfortable

A resting space where
you can truly unwind
from the fatigue of your travels.

05 Reliable

A safe and trustworthy hotel
at any branch in South Korea.